" Micro Mini" Table Top Aquarium
Dia 6" ,Ht 9 3/4" 1 gallon can use for fresh water and salt water.

"Clayton Plus" Medium  Table top   Aquarium 
​Dia 6"  Ht 16" 2 gallons can use for fresh water or salt water.

"ZipAquSys Zero 1"- "Total Trump Tower"
    designed by Len Mayhood in 2009
Large Aquarium pedestal recommended 
Dia 7 1/8" Ht 25" 3 gallons can use for fresh water and salt also.
Please see how your aquarium will look with fish and plants in it !  See the Youtube Video by selecting the above original home tab on the right .
Jazz Contemporary Music By Chuck Loeb "Bring It On"

This is a slide photo of the original ZypAquaSys Zero 1 Aquarium from the original website.
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